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Male Waxing


Upper – Male Body Waxing

A man’s upper body is known to have the most hair; consequently, it needs to be appropriately waxed.


Hands and fingers £5.00

Neck hairline £5.00

Underarms (non strip wax is used) £10.00

Lower arms £10.00

Lower arms inc. hands & fingers £15.00

Full arms (including underarms) £30.00

Full arms (inc. shoulders, hands & fingers) £25.00

Chest only £18.00

Stomach only £18.00

Chest & stomach £25.00

Chest, stomach & shoulders £30.00

Shoulders only £10.00

Upper back £15.00

Lower back £15.00

Upper back & shoulders £20.00

Full back excl. shoulders £25.00

Full back & shoulders £30.00

Full back, chest, stomach & shoulders £45.00

Small of back £10.00



Lower – Male Body Waxing

Lower body men’s waxing services


Feet & toes £5.00

Lower legs inc. knees, feet & toes £20.00

Upper legs inc. knees £20.00

Full legs inc. feet & toes £35.00


Speedo line (crease of inner thighs) £20.00

Brazilian (Buttocks crack and sack(pubic area can be trimed) £45.00

Hollywood (pubic area crack sack and Buttocks) £47.00

Hollywood, buttocks & full back £70.00

Full body wax (full legs intimate Buttocks full arm under arms Back chest stomach Nostrils Ears Brow £125.00



If you have an intimate wax you will need to get naked from the waist down. Please be aware this is a professional waxing service with no added extras, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If you are a genuine customer who is simply looking for a professional waxing treatment then you will receive a warm welcome.


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